Organizational structure

Management Board 

The Management Board (MB) is the governing body of the project occupied by representatives of the five partners in the consortium. Provides overall guidance, monitoring and compliance with the strategic direction for the development of UNITe CoE, make strategic decisions and setting policies related to the development of UNITe CoE. 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the main executing body of CoE UNITe. It is run by Executive Director and includes executives responsiblefor different activities - infrastructure, business development, science, administration, equipment, ICT and knowledge transfer. Implement the control and management of activities and tasks within the project. In the future, we expect this team to take on senior management of CoE UNITe.  

Scientific Board

Chief expert team

Chief expert team formed from positions covering all areas of expertise for the successful project implementation and reporting. In the future, part of this team will take the middle level of the management in the UNITe CoE. It includes areas such as legal works, construction works, project management, finance and accounting, administration, informatics and ICT.