Scientific publications

Scientific publications

Papers, acknowledging the UNITe support (indexed in Scopus and/or Web of Science)

  • Kordov, K, A Novel Audio Encryption Algorithm with Permutation-Substitution Architecture, , WOS:000470999900061

  • Nedyalkova, MA; Madurga, S; Tobiszewski, M; Simeonov, V, Calculating the Partition Coefficients of Organic Solvents in Octanol/Water and Octanol/Air, , WOS:000469884900051

  • Krachunov, M; Nisheva, M; Vassilev, D, Machine Learning Models for Error Detection in Metagenomics and [...]

Reports presented during the UNITe session

  • Mobile Chain Robot, Zhivko Angelov
  • Thunder Hyperbolicity (Gromov) for the Distance of Kobayashi, Lyubomir Andreev, Nikolay Nikolov and Maria Trybula
  • Sufficient Conditions for Tangent Transversality, Stoyan Apostolov, Mihail Krostanov and Hope Fisheries
  • Plasma Torch for bio- and Medical Applications - an Electrodynamic Aspect, Mariana Atanasova, Jost Van Der Millen and Evgenia Benov
  • Eighth Congress of the World Federation of National Mathematical Competitions, July 18-24 [...]