Work packages and activities

WP 1: Big Data Infrastructure as a Service

  • Manufacturing, especially Fabless, and new approaches to design and/or assembly;
  • ICT approaches in engineering, medicine and the creative industries (related to the other three thematic areas), incl. digitalisation and cultural-historical heritage, recreational and educational games, "embedded" software
  • 3D digitalisation, visualisation and prototyping;
  • Big Data, Grid and Cloud Technologies;
  • Wireless sensor networks and wireless communication/management;
  • Language Technologies;
  • Web, hybrid and "native" applications, web-based applications for the
  • design and operation of new services and products;
  • Use of new opportunities regarding outsourcing and ICT-based services and systems

WP 2: Big data Software as a Service (Big Open Data services)

  • Big Data Collection and Storage Services
  • Big Data Processing and Analysis Services
  • Big Data Delivery and Usage Services
  • High Performance Computing

WP 3: Innovative mathematical methods and models in the digital world

  • Identification and aggregation of available datasets of potential public benefit in a format that allows massive mathematical processing
  • Normalization and examination of data collected
  • Establishment of an advisory service for research and public organizations, and small businesses and development of joint projects
  • Solving specific problems for financial mathematics
  • Creation of tools for analysis of processes related to the transfer of heat or substance Stochastic models in epidemiology and vaccination policies
  • Study of Demographic Processes
  • Mathematical Internet tools

WP 4: Real time big data analysis and system virtualisation

  • Research of the characteristics of the hardware and software environment for multicore and multiprocessor systems. Proposal of new metrics and test configurations to determine the characteristics and limitations of the devices
  • Study on the general theory of real-time virtual systems
  • Models for representation, analysis and synthesis of embedded systems
  • Research in the field of computer and software architectures, providing new forms and methods of conversion of products based on embedded computers. Exploring the opportunities for intensification of the use of embedded computers in new scientific and applied fields.
  • Analysis and modelling of selected existing tools for data mining. Expansion of existing tools for data mining and research of their options and properties by testing them with data from different subject areas.
  • Application of integrated information systems for monitors of environment and water in real time.

WP 5: Visual search, image recognition and 3D printing

  • System for operative receiving of digital images of the Earth's surface
  • Creating of a comprehensive system for processing digital images of the Earth's surface
  • Studying and modelling of production processes
  • Studying and modelling of human-machine interaction

WP 6: Smart Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Caring home with environmental monitoring and control
  • Smart control of network resources for Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Tele-traffic problems in Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Autonomic management of Cyber-Physical Systems

WP 7: Smart and Sustainable Cities

  • Communication channels and networks for smart cities
  • Wireless sensor grids and networks
  • Big data for smart cities
  • Web and Cloud services

WP 8: Factories of the Future

  • Industrial use case scenarios for connected factories
  • Decentralised architectures for optimizing operations through virtualized processes and collaborative manufacturing ecosystem
  • Ecosystem for collaborative production processes - internal and inter-organizational integration and automation
  • New architectures for industrial automation
  • Decentralized flexible coordination between supply chains
  • Cloud-based situation analysis of factories with real-time reconfiguration of services
  • Collaborative production and logistics
  • Collaborative network of industry, manufacturing, business and logistics organizations

WP 9: Big Data in Natural Sciences

  • Computational chemistry
  • Computational nanomaterials & nanoscience
  • Quantum information and quantum technologies
  • Earth system modelling in HPC environment (numerical weather and climate simulation on high-performance computing platforms)
  • Bioinformatics
  • Modelling and simulations of biosystems and biomedical processes