Project general objective

The main objective of the UNITе project is to establish a functioning Centre of Excellence (CoE UNITe) as a highly competitive and internationally recognised research complex which is meeting the requirements for a modern infrastructure and a high level of scientific research in the priority area of the Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation (ISSS) - Informatics and ICT. The Centre will be of a Distributed Research Infrastructure (DRI) type.

The implementation of the project will lead to:

  • Improvement of the opportunities for researchers and academicians from geographically distributed areas in Bulgaria (Bourgas, Rousse, Shumen, Sofia and Vidin - through the branch of the “Angel Kanchev” University of Rousse) to cooperate with each other and with partners from all over the world through the access to- and work in CoE UNITe;
  • Significantly increase of the scientific availability for the businesses in the relevant regions of the country by providing access to high-quality distributed scientific infrastructure and specialised business consultancy, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • Facilitating and improving communication and information flows between scattered organisations using computer-assisted communication systems as a way to introduce a new type of the work organisation in the institutions and businesses to be formed in the next decade 2020-2030;
  • The increase of the scientific capacity of the partner universities will naturally lead to an even higher quality of training of leading IT and ICT specialists in Bulgaria;
  • The establishment and validation of UNITe CoE will give new opportunities to highly educated young people to choose the prospect of a successful career as researchers or innovators in such a field that is strategic for the development of the country and the individual regions of Bulgaria.