The main project objective is to build a Center of Excellence of the type Distributed Research Infrastructure (DRI) – CoE DRI UNITe as a highly compatible, internationally recognized scientific research complex, that satisfies the requirements of the modern infrastructures and the excellent scientific level of the ISSS research priority ­ Informatics and ICT. This will improve the possibilities of researchers and academics in geographically distributed regions in Bulgaria (Burgas, Ruse, Sofia, Shumen) to collaborate between each other and with partners all over the world via accessing to and working in the CoE UNITe. As a result, the communication and information flow between dispersed organizations using computer aided communication systems will be improved, and new model of organizing shared work will be introduced, that will prevail in the decade 2020/­2030. This type of Distributed Research Infrastructure (DRI) is defined under the point 15 (ff) of the Framework for State aid and by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructure (ESFRI).

Figure 1. Distributed Research Infrastructure UNITe

Research activities of leading organizations in the CoE UNITe are separated in nine work packages: Big Data Infrastructure as a Service (Shumen University); Big Data Software as a Service (Sofia University); Innovative mathematical methods and models in the digital world (Sofia university); Real time big data analysis and system virtualization (Burgas University); Visual search, image recognition and 3D printing (Ruse University); Smart Cyber Physical Systems (Technical University­Sofia); Smart and Sustainable Cities (Technical University­Sofia); Factories of the Future (Technical University­Sofia); Big Data in Natural Sciences (Sofia university). To achieve these results, joint activities and effective cooperation with leading European research centers in the field will be implemented, and partnership with ICT businesses declared as associated partners will be introduced. Further interests of third parties to use the infrastructure of the CoE UNITe will be investigated and satisfied.

Figure 2. Business Associated partners
International CoE
Figure 3. Cooperation with leading European research centers